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Local electrician company template

A simple but modern website with a single page layout for an electricians company.

  • Full website
  • Single-page layout
  • Responsive layout

They like my work!

Every day I work harder because of my fear of living a normal or mundande life. In the middle of the pandemic of May 2021 I decided to sell all my belongings and leave my hometown in Sweden in favor a digital nomad lifestyle. Since then I've been living and working with design and marketing out of whichever location I prefer.

"Jonathans' templates are always high quality and lightweight, which makes my job a lot easier. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a custom Webflow solution."

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"He's an expert in Webflow, and his custom templates and websites are always top-notch. "

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"I've worked with Jonathan Fors on multiple occasions and he always makes sure that I'm happy with the end product. "

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