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Design & Development

Collaboration with Absurdity

Unshackled – Book launch landing page

With the launch of Paul T. Llewellyn's new book Unshackled he needed a completely custom experience online to reflect the unique perspective his book features. Through a collaboration with web design agency Absurdity.Design we designed and developed an engaging landing from start to finish.

This client loves me. They said so.

clients loves me. They said so.

Working with Jonathan has been an amazing experience. Attentive, precise, and an overall great person to work with are all ways in which I'd describe him.

Detailed, professional, and on-budget would all be accurate descriptions of Jonathan's Webflow development. Finding a great developer can be tough, but finding one so friendly, honest, hardworking, and kind — nearly impossible. My only concern with writing this review recommending that you work with Jonathan (and you should) is that he won't have as much time to work with me.


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