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Design & development

Cacoethes – CMS-driven podcast template

A podcasting template perfect to direct traffic to from your socials with its dedicated "Linktree"-esque page.

One thing most podcasting websites have in common is that their branding is severely lacking. From embedded audio players not following the color scheme to unresponsive experiences, there is a lot of room for improvement in the podcasting space.

I approached this project with all this in mind, and focusing on allowing owners to showcase their podcast – but in a branded fashion. On top of this I also knew that mobile traffic coming from social platforms would be very important which is why I created a page that's specifically intended to be used in social media profile descriptions. This page contains links to each platform allowing users to quickly find their favorite podcasting platform and thus increasing listenership.

Overall this turned out to be a very clean template, with a minimalistic style and sole focus on content.

This client loves me. They said so.

clients loves me. They said so.

Working with Jonathan has been an amazing experience. Attentive, precise, and an overall great person to work with are all ways in which I'd describe him.


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