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By Jonathan Fors
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Stenstans Elektriska AB is a local electrician company working with both private customers as well as larger companies. Including international names such as IKEA.

Stenstans Elektriska AB is a swedish electrician company local to a medium sized city up north called Sundsvall. As a relatively new company with a surprisingly large presence in their local market it was no surprise that a quality website is needed to reflect their quality services. An already existing website was in place at the start of this project, however with close to no visual hierarchy; something which came to be the main focus of this project as the information itself already was in place.

The result is a one-page landing page taking the user through from a classic CTA hero section to their services, company mission, and client reviews.

My final thoughts

Being an electrician company providing services that electricians does, the goal was very simple; to get the potential client to become an actual client. The reason for choosing a one-pager layout was to simplify things as much as possible, because when you're looking for an electrician to fix your electricity related problems, you don't want a bunch of irrelevant fluff. One goal, and one goal only, to transform the potential client into a real client.