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By Jonathan Fors
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Impignorate is a HTML template created specifically for an imaginary non-profit organisation.

By their very nature, non-profit organizations tend to have a lot of information to show as they're most likely saving the world in some way or another, and as a result their websites tend to feel very condensed and sometimes even a little bit messy. Impignorate is my personal imaginary project to solved this issue. Created entirely in Webflow it is intended to serve as a website template for an imaginary non-profit helping young people through financial means and local meetups around the world.

Some of the required features for this project are:

  • Event pages
  • Blog
  • Career listings
  • FAQ collection

To combine all these features into one cohesive website was no easy task, especially when my goal with this project was to maintain a rather light and fun atmosphere to browse in as the target audience would be individuals wanting to help young adults.

The result

The result of this is a very thorough website with plenty of items to discover for the user throughout an micro-interaction heavy experience keeping the overall feeling alive.