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By Jonathan Fors
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Holding a minor and close to non-existent presence online this alternative health therapist needed a fresh new look for her face online.

Telling you that I created a website for a person working with craniosacral therapy probably doesn't tell you much, and that is the case for most people; creating a massive challenge for me as a designer. Combine this with a close to zero presence online this therapists had to get her business up in the clouds and a website working as a hub for information with booking capabilities integrated through third party services.

The main challenge while designing and developing this project was to fit all necessary content within one website; and not have it look awfully condensed. Looking at the previous website which had been running for over 10 years (with equally outdated URL structure and design) there were a total of 17 pages each with unique content that needed to be fitted in a structured way to the user. Fast-forwarding to now, that number is down to as little as 4 pages, with two of these being dynamic collections that houses most of the information previously spread out over several pages.

My closing thoughts

After successfully creating a structure that would house all the content needed, I set out to have airy, light, and spacious as the guiding words throughout the whole design process; something which I feel I succeeded in.