Hermon Gebretsadik

If there is any one thing that the year of 2020 has had to offer to its participants it has got to be challenges; a pandemic, racial justice riots, economic changes, a presidential election and the list goes on. Despite thousands upon thousand of people losing their own or even friends and family members lives most of us are still standing here today, ready to take on another day. For a person to be able to do that, you need to be aware of the context of things and perhaps go “Huh, this sure sucks, but I will make it through and come out of it stronger”. Because resilience is the very foundation of being able to overcome the challenges you face every single day; it is the difference between crashing and becoming stronger.

Hermon Gebretsadik has a great passion for speaking about this very topic, being a person who has traveled the world for work and running her very own family business she is more than qualified to talk about how you too can overcome the struggles of life as a human being.

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