Brenden Kumarasamy

The fear of public speaking is probably one of the most common fears amongst the average individual and even all the way to the most successful entrepreneur. Brenden Kumarasamy through his own experience quickly learnt that there was a huge gap between the need for education on public speaking and the actual education being provided at the time. This gap he immediately seized as his opportunity to create content that educates in a way that people want to listen to. Founding his youtube channel called MasterTalk he teaches the tips and tricks he himself applies both to his client and for himself in order to become a better public speaker. For not only is he a successful youtuber, he together with his business partner coaches businessmen and executives to become better communicators.

Public speaking is often looked at this scary chore that we all have to go through especially in early school or sometimes your job as well, this is what Brenden wants to change. Because at the end of the day a public speech is no more than a normal communicative conversation and monologue.

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