Lucie & Vanessa

Accepting who you are is often times a life-long journey and mission, as it not only requires a lot of self respect but also self confidence. Vanessa and Lucie from The Coming Out Coaches deal with these subjects on the daily as they help their fellow LGBTQ+ individuals come out to both themselves, but also more importantly; to life itself.

Dealing with the pressures of being a certain way, acting a certain way, or even behaving in a specific manner is something every single human being on the planet of earth either has dealt with at some point, or is dealing with at this very moment. Whether you’re on the spectrum of LGBTQ+ or just a simple thing such as dressing a certain way, it takes courage; A LOT of courage. Some succeed and come to realization that we are after all nothing more than human beings finding their way around this life of ours, and so subsequently there is no reason to care about anyone elses opinion. However then there are those that do not successfully come to this conclusion; the ones still struggling.

With Lucie and Vanessa anyone can experience a safe space, a space of comfort and understanding since both have themselves experienced the difficulty of coming out as lesbians. And continuing on this path of love, they are offering anyone reading this a 30 minute coaching session regardless of reason whether it be your sexuality or anything else.

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