Orest Komarnyckyj

If you got a penny for every single time anyone told you the phrase “age is just a number”, we’d all be rich by now. Healthy aging is at this point close to becoming a myth as more and more people seek to age healthy but none seem to really know how to go about it. With the amount of overweight, obese and unhealthy individuals increasing on the daily Orest Komernyckyj seeks to bring a new voice to the conversation of healthy aging for men.

The mind and the body are deeply intertwined and with one of those failing by telling the other it is too late and it’s time to give up, the other will for sure follow suit. This is the belief of Orest as he speaks to clinical physicans, doctors and other experts in the field of aging. Because altough the phrase “age is just a number” is commonly used, there is a generally a firm belief deep inside us that we have to have a great job by 25, partner by 30, and a fulfilled life by 40 years old. Simply writing that sentence right now seems insane and just so incredibly wrong and if you’re in your fourties and already giving up you’re about to miss out on 40 more years of your life. In the words Orest himself, ask yourself this; Do you have a planned day to die?

This positive outlook on healthy aging is what drives the interesting conversation with Orest, however despite that he has a very strong belief that you are one hundred percent responsible for the choices you make throughout life. Because at the end of the day what is the difference between the person you see in the magazine and you? One of you put in the work necessary to get there. If you are not the one putting in the work, then how will you ever become anything even close to what you want to become. There’s really nothing worse than denying the reality.

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