Kevin Hofman

Those are the words of Kevin Hofmann, a writer and public speaker who works with diversity, inclusion, and racial identity. At an early age he was adopted into a white family and as a mixed dark skinned man himself he has been able to provide the world with a very unique point of view that few already have. To take matters even further, despite living in a closed off community he and his family one day woke up to see a burning cross in their front yard. However being the child Kevin was at the time he didn’t even realize or understand the reason for this act of agression taking place, but with time and the wisdom of growing up he (just like everyone else) knows exactly what that cross means now. Someone did not want him there.

Speaking about racial identity and racism in the world of 2020 is definitely a tough challenge which far from everyone is ready to tackle, yet so many wants to see change. Why is it that so many wants to see change yet so few actually provide a space to do just that? In our over one hour long conversation we spoke about this very topic, but the thing is, we didn’t come to any kind of conclusion. As a matter of fact, we had two very different beliefs.

On a personal level I am (me, Jonathan, the one writing this) incredibly stubborn when it comes to violence in context of attaining political change. In my eyes there is no such thing as a place for violence in any kind of debate about changing anything. Because in order for real change to happen you need a real conversation to happen as well, and with violence sometimes being the go-to problem solver for this there will never ever be any kind of long-lasting change. However despite me saying this and fully believing it, Kevin made me question my belief.

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