Gary Phipps

What happens today happens today, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. If an asteroid decides to impact earth, well that’s gonna happen and even though it would be catastrphic there is once again nothing we can do about it. While that might seem like a very dark outlook on life, Gary Phipps consider himself a very realistic guy as he in his own words calls himself a “prepare for the worst, pray for the best” kind of person.

Although currently living the calm life of being a marketer and family man, Gary is a former paratrooper (a military unit which can respond to anything anywhere in the world within 18 hours) pairing that together with the fact that he is what is commonly called a “prepper” he truly is ready for anything. Because like he says himself, a propane tank is worth more than the paper in your wallet in the case of a collapse in society. Tune in to episode seven of Just A Convo to listen to his full story and much more!

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