Johnson Chong

“Who am I?” those are the words that started the journey of which Johnson Chong would end up going on for the rest of his life. Understanding who you are as a person and human being is something that most of us have asked ourselves at least once, and yet most of us still don’t have an answer to the question. Being conscious of how you are acting and reacting to events in your surroundings will inevitably define who you are as an individual and instead of lashing out at the person making you angry you should instead say “Wow thanks for making me angry, give me a second and I will figure out why this made me angry”. That is the way of a conscious person who doesn’t act out of emotions, but rather acts out of true understanding.

Through the long journeys of traveling to three different continents and gathering ancient wisdom about spirituality and life Johnson is able to call himself a spiritual guru helping leaders find their own identity stop feeling trapped. This feeling of being trapped can take the shape of many things such as anxiety, stress, and even depression, because at the end of the day you need to realize who you are and who you want to be. However despite the fact that Johnson is a well known spiritual leader even himself describes religion as being only bullshit, religion is the clothes that we wear, not who we are. It is simply a way to get somewhere.

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