Mark Hernandez

Throughout time and especially throughout the last one hundred years humanity has made some pretty incredible technological progress, we’re able to successfully treat cancer, check the weather on the other side of the globe through a device in our hands, and even fly to the moon. Despite all this progress there is one glooming question that needs to be asked; are we perhaps flying too far from our roots? Humanity as a species have existed for hundred of thousands of years successfully surviving threats ranging from life-threatening predators to global pandemics; all without any kind of modern technology. So what does this mean?

Mark Hernandez is a holistic practitioner that helps people and animals to overcome the struggle of well-being and personal health; all through nothing no more than long-lost knowledge from our ancient times. Mark speaks about how we have come further as a society than ever before, yet we are forgetting the dirty feeling of actual dirt as we move further and further away from where we came; Mother Earth.

Living in the current world today which is full of an on-going pandemic by the name of COVID-19  the topic of health has never been more on top of everyone’s mind. With people from all over the world losing their income due to being unable to work the question upon all of their minds are “How can I be healthy again"?”. Usually the very first answer to that question is to get some kind of pharmaceuticals which will instantly make you feel better. But is there perhaps an even better option available? Mark says yes; nutrition and ancient wisdom.

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