Recent projects

Job board template

Ulotrichous is a fully customizable job board template driven by the built-in CMS.

Job boards are booming and the designs aren't always great. Ulotrichous was created with the intention of cleaning everything unnecessary away, to put more focus on what actually matters; the job opportunity.

Podcast website

'The Casual Convo' is an imaginary podcast show for which I created the Cacoethes website template, with a content-first approach and minimalist design choices it's sure to make an impression.

With a hard focus on ultra clean and minimalist design choices, Cacoethes features a dark late-night friendly color scheme and simple layout. Podcasts is an entirely content-driven business model that requires their content to obviously be front and center; something this template does just perfect.

Non-profit template

Impignorate is a HTML template created specifically for an imaginary non-profit organisation.

Looking at non-profit websites usually hurt your eyes, and this template is here to change that. Plenty of animations used cleverly to create the perfect combined feeling of simplicity, and modern efficiency.

Electrician Website

Stenstans Elektriska AB is a local electrician company working with both private customers as well as larger companies. Including international names such as IKEA.

With an already very strong presence in their home city, their website didn't need any emphasis on their ability to serve large clients. With this being the fact we came to the conclusion that their website needed to focus in on the smaller, private customers. A friendly tone, and inviting color scheme freshened their appearance like never before.

Alternative therapy website

Holding a minor and close to non-existent presence online this alternative health therapist needed a fresh new look for her face online.

With the guiding words being light and airy, Kathrin Fors's brand and new website came together like it's always been there. Optimizing for SEO from the ground up is currently setting her up for great success.