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Who Am I?

Webflow developer, long-distance runner, and digital nomad.

190 000 km

For the past four years I have been running every single day. Not because I want to be the fastest man alive, but simply because it makes me feel good. Gotta release those endorphins, right?!

3+ years experience

I've been working in context of the web for over 3 years now – whether it be marketing or UI design. Combining this knowledge allows me to create stunning experiences for your audience.

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Your website. my priority.


Gone are the days of people waiting several seconds for a site to load. I will develop your website following all modern website standards for speed and responsiveness.


When working with me you can feel confident that you'll have a final product that's accessible by all kinds of users. Because accessibility isn't just an option anymore, it's a requirement.


A cool-looking website doesn't equal a good website. Guiding your users to take the right actions and making it easy to navigate is one of my top priorities.

Easy To Manage.

Businesses change quickly, and your website does too. I will make sure every aspect of your website is as easy to manage as it is to use it.

Portrait of Jonathan Fors on a beach with sunglasses on.

My mission.

If you're looking for a traditional professional experience with recurring scheduled meetings, and over-engineered processes you can keep looking – because I am not it. Working with me should feel like talking a friend that just so happens to be an expert web designer. Here's what you should expect when working with me:

  • I believe in humans, not professionals – Let's be honest for a moment, we're all pretty tired of beginning each email with "Hey John," and signing off with "Best wishes". For true collaboration I believe we need to foster a space open to relaxed communication, because collaborating should be fun, and not a chore.
  • I won't create an award-winning website – Not because I can't, but because most of the time that's just not what your users need. I believe in keeping it to the essentials, no bells and whistles, and focusing solely on what your users need. Sometimes that might be a breathtaking motion-sickness-inducing experience, but usually not.
  • Transparency in everything – If I don't know how to achieve a specific request, I will let you know. I won't pretend like I know only to later in the process tell you your highly wished for feature isn't possible. Only through transparency and open communication can we have an enjoyable process that produces a quality final product. Because transparency is king.

If you're turned off by any of these points, perhaps we're not meant for each other, and that's fine! In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful photo of me tanning on a beach in southern France.

Clients loves me. They said so.

"He managed to take my vague ideas and turn them into a beautiful and functional website. He worked with me to get the exact look and feel that I was looking for. "

Want to work with me? Let's talk.

Whether you're a local shop looking to get online or an established agency looking for your next colleague I'm here and happy to talk. After your initial contact request I'll get back to and we'll schedule a short 20 min live call to get to know each other.

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